Tempo Scaduto

Vicent Ciciliato

11 September 2013

Interactive installation

Ready, aim, fire: based on these three orders commonly used in video games, Tempo scaduto places the spectator in the paradoxical situation of having to take up position both physically as well as intellectually and morally, faced with an image and a story that will make him aware of his act.

Against the backdrop of mafia war in Palermo in Sicily in the 80’s, place and time of the artist’s childhood, the story unfolds in several scenes, some of which are the stage of a murder. The «player» is informed on the screen of the possibilities he has to re at moving targets inspired by real murders which took place at the time in dierent parts of the city, often documented by press.

Six murder scenes have thus been re-enacted and interpreted according to the dierent methods of representation specic to documentary, action cinema and press photography. The accuracy of the «player’s» aim at a «well chosen» target sets o the deafening sound of a real shot, accompanied by a series of hand-held camera type images then a succession of black and white photographs of a body shot down, sometimes accompanied with the sound of the camera taking the photo.

By executing the gesture of aiming at a human target, the spectator goes from player to witness of an act that actually took place that is already documented, archived, belonging to History. Encouraged to choose a target amongst an undierentiated series of possibilities in a very ordinary reality, the artist puts the player in the situation of reacting a terrorist act: ring at any target, without knowing for what reason this target might be the right one.

Françoise Parfait (Excerpt)

Production: Le Fresnoy and Honeymoon – Cinema e Restauro, Palermo, Italy

In collaboration with: the research teams of MINT (Université Lille 1, CNRS, LIFL UMR 8022 & IRCICA, INRIA Lille Nord-Europe), FOX (Université Lille 1, CNRS, LIFL UMR 8022) and INSID Inc.