Teacup Tools

Agnes Meyer-Brandis

31 March 2014


The Teacup Tools is a prototype for a global network of these multifunctional tools for the investigation of micro clouds above tea, for communication and for tea drinking. Various measuring instruments are built in and onto the tea cups, measuring anything falling from the sky—aerosols*, residues, rain and data computation. It is literally boiled by the calculations of the massive amount of collected data. In the field of climate-related science, where the things measured show up as abstract digits that are subject to interpretation, the sculptures ironically disrupt the routines of science. Everybody can enjoy a cup of tea, log in locally or globally and find out more about this strange network of dancing teacups and the climate they are built for and, last but not least, change the climate by interacting.

*Aerosol = solution in air (ancient Greek “a-er” = air; latin “solutus” = dissolved)

Tea Sessions Schedule:
From Wednesday to Sunday at 13 p.m. and 5 p.m.

The project was developed at the SMEAR forest research station (Station for Measuring Ecosystem Atmosphere Relations) in Hyytiälä Finland, in the scope of the Climate Whirl Project, a collaboration between the Department of Forest Sciences, the Department of Physics (University of Helsinki), and Capsula. Supported by Kone Foundation, University of Helsinki and the Institute for Art and subjective Science.

With kind support of: Hyytiälä Forest Station Team
Software/hardware: Ralf Baecker
Practical assistance: Kat Clear
Many thanks to: Aino Korrensalo, Jens Brand, Elisa Halmeenmäki, Kourosh Kabiri, Janne Korhonen, Ulla Taipale, Ejia Juurola