Table d’Harmonie

Pascal Broccolichi

23 July 2010

Sound installation.

Sound installation. Black corindon powder, 16 coaxial high-speakers, DVD players, mix tables, amplifiers. Dimensions variable and unspecified listening time

Courtesy: Galerie Frédéric Giroux © pascal broccolichi With the support of: French Institute in Bilbao

Table d’harmonie is an intriguing sound work whose formal purity evokes minimalist installation as much as repetitive pattern drawn in all-over perspective. Inspired as an artificial soundscape, the image of Table d’harmonie is structured like the horizon separating the sky and earth. But soon a resonance is established between sound and the black mass of the drawing where black corindon dust is spread out on the floor composing strictly regular craters.
A loudspeaker is laid out in the content of each crater. The sound piece is composed with the help of a “granular synthesis” software program simulating the patterns of sound flux in motion.
Although not abstract, the sounds and images refuse any reassuming narrative. Through this combination of sound and visual presence of installation, the visitor paradoxically experiences his/her own relationship in time and space, combining sensory experience and the systems of concrete representation that make up the eminently complex definition of a place.