Speculative Artificial Intelligence / Exp. #2 (conversation)

Birk Schmithüsen

30 May 2019

Interactive AI installation

This work consists of a series of aesthetic experiments designed to make the functioning processes of artificial neural networks perceptible through visual and sound conversations between two systems. In Exp. #1, the artist examined internal behavior during the prediction and learning process. In the previous experiment, a network is visualized by a light object, with the state of each neuron represented by a corresponding LED.

Exp. #2 questions the ability of an AI system for empathy, while communicating with another AI. Both intelligences are materialized in a light object and a sound object, respectively. Each can receive the other’s messages. The spherical light object with a diameter of 80 cm consists of a chaotic pile of 95 m LED bands, a microphone, and an integrated AI computer device. This way it is able to hear sounds and create sequences of light. The sound object, in the form of an opaque black Plexiglas dodecahedron with the same diameter, is equipped with eight speakers, a camera and the second artificial intelligence system. This way it can see and reproduce sounds.

In the exhibition, the two systems are in a constantly changing audiovisual conversation, which can be altered and modified by the presence of the visitor.