Miguel Ángel Rego

Until 29 May 2019

Video installation

In Soliloquium we can see a person in dialogue with himself. Each soliloquy represents a different reality, but belongs to the same person. The reference for the construction of each of the dialogues is the clinical phenomenology that defines visual agnosia.

People suffering from visual agnosia, although not blind, are unable to recognise information coming from outside through sight. They must therefore make use of other senses to recognise the faces of those close to them. This type of pathology defines obvious manifestations of behaviour common to all human beings.

Each part of the audiovisual piece deals with an aspect of the disease: the epistemic through the protagonist; the rhetorical, through the poem ‘El Ciego’ by Jorge Luis Borges and the empirical through studies carried out with primates, which analysed how they could recognise themselves in front of a mirror.

This project is completed with the artist’s interpretation of different drawings by Santiago Ramón y Cajal on the nervous system of the brain through glass sculptures.

Their transparency refers to Thomas Metzinger’s phrase: “transparency is a special form of darkness” insofar as we are not aware of the neural processes involved in the formation of the experience of reality.