Slogans Remix

Maja Bajević

20 August 2012

Installation and performance

The world is ruled by slogans and catchphrases that conceal more than they outwardly convey. Since they often reference specific historical events or particularly obscure periods, and are sometimes even freely shared amongst opposing political parties, their messages are complex and leave little room for anything else in the political, economic and social spheres.

Along with the band Basheskia & Edward EQ, Bajević has set music to a hundred slogans which form the basis of her performance at LABoral. These slogans will later be “activated” at different locations around Gijón for the duration of the exhibition, thanks to the collaboration of a group of amateur singers. The political slogans of the past (many of which are now outdated) are thus reinserted into an everyday context and given back a cultural dimension, thereby triggering a much-needed dialogue between the political and the social.

Bajević’s work addresses significant issues in recent history: collective identity, tragedy and fate, the construction and deconstruction of History, ideology and sociology. She creates catalysing narratives that refer to notions of memory and identity, reflect upon the past and present of local social and political events of international importance, and allude to a collective destiny and fragments of a shattered history.