Singing a battalion

Inés G. Aparicio

10 June 2021

2D animated short film Mixed media

Inés visits her grandmother Esperanza who, between stories, hums a song from her youth: Batallón de Modistillas. This cuplé opens the box of her memories and the granddaughter’s imagination. The music becomes the perfect pretext for a journey through time in which fascinating characters, free women, dreams without borders and unforgettable melodies appear.

Cantar un batallón is a 2D animated short film, in the process of development, that intertwines the lives of two women: Lilian de Celis (the last active artist of the second stage of the cuplé) and Esperanza González (the director’s grandmother). The two protagonists share decades of life, but very different experiences.

Inés firmly believes that all the experiences of the women of the past have a direct influence on our present, which is why it is necessary to rescue everything from the wisdom of the orchards of yesteryear to the first solo aeroplane trips.

The archive images together with the anecdotes of the protagonists are the starting point of the narrative, so the first step in this project was to collect, analyse and play with the possibilities of Lilian and Esperanza’s photographs.

The three pieces on display show the material tests carried out by the artist during her residency at LABoral Centro de Arte. A mixture of manual toys and visual experiments to whet the appetite for the short film that will be released soon.