Ser absurdo

Cristina Busto Álvarez

25 April 2016

Audiovisual installation

The intimacy of a room is the space in which we can allow ourselves to be carried away by instinct with an open mind, where we can be whoever we want to be, where we can connect to the Internet and reinvent ourselves. On a table, the computer is turned on and showing a film that guides us through a chain of infinite information. However, this apparent freedom is only permitted to us in order that we remain alienated and addicted to

our Smartphone.

In the context of capitalism, if you are not charging for something then you are the product: the social networks feed on our images and our thoughts; they decide what it is that we are, and are not, going to remember. They comprise a market in which all information is presented at the same level, trivialising the most serious issues and dignifying the worst banalities; they offer a thousand virtual friends and no real person in whom to confide.

Current forms of communication, far from connecting people, are becoming instruments of

loneliness and isolation that lead us towards an absurd state in which we cease to recognise ourselves, in which our very personality dissolves in a blur of images.

Using traditional animation creates a break in the narration with which the artist proposes a return to what anchors us in reality and to take us back to whom we are. All the artificiality and imagery of the networks is transformed in order to seek a vision of the pre-Internet mind. The ethnic makes headway, protesting against the modern, promoting themes such as rites, animals, nature, trades, language and folklore.

Produced by: LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial.