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Pierre-Yves Boisramé

13 September 2013

Audiovisual installation

I am in a train, my eye observes the movement, that of the nearby train I am passing, my body feels the rst vibrations of the train starting up, I stare through the window expecting to see the wagons disappear, the landscape to appear. But it is the other train that has just begun its journey, leaving my body suddenly destabilized.

Here, a cable-car surrounded by three screens. e xed nature of one highlights the trajectory of the others. Landscape that swings to the rhythm of the bumpy movement of the cable-car. Its ghostly presence – transparency of matter, with only a vague reection -spreads across the screens, when the cable-car itself becomes a vehicle for the projection of the trip. Strange reversal, it is the unchanging instance, the mountain, which moves when the object destined to move remains still. e origin of the movement loses itself in a whole both unstable and still.

Since we are indeed faced with a whole, the paradoxes of which cannot prevent the coherence of the totality. e practice of Pierre-Yves Boisramé progresses towards a less explicit relationship to the spectator: the latter seems outside the installation. It is an undened scale, an ambiguous distance that the viewer experiments, in that the technical arrangement is displayed as such without serving as a counterpoint. Just like the movement and the halt, the image and the arrangement that generates it merge contradictory sensations.

Diane Moquet-Hidalgo (Excerpt)

Production: Le Fresnoy