Road Movie – Perpetuum Mobile

David Ferrando Giraut

2 April 2008

Digital Betacam 16:9, 3’03’’

The widespread acceptance of the automobile as a means of transportin the twentieth century led to a new form of representation that interconnectedmotion, duration and landscape. It brought about a paradigm shift that ought tobe viewed in parallel to the emergence of technologies of the image, includingcinema. And whereas travelling by car offers us an unrefined, incorporealperspective of motion through the territory, the road accident would be like amoment of carnal exchange between the body and the machine, betweennature and artifice. In this video, David Ferrando Giraud demystifies the miseen scène of accidents: like a wheel that never stops turning while suspendedin the air, the camera rotates 360º. Finally, the loop crosses the axis thatreveals what is usually hidden behind the mechanism.