Refuge for Resurgence, Window View


23 October 2021


Animation with sound, 20’48” English This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement No. 870759

Having survived Earth’s abrupt shift to an era of precarious climate, a multi-species community gathers in the ruins of modernity to find new ways of living together. The “View from the Window” of Superflux’s “Refuge for Resurgence” is part of a larger installation that addresses issues of ecological interdependence and a more-than-human future. The “View from the Window” of “Shelter for Resurgence” offers a glimpse of a city rebuilt in layers: various notions of normality are now underwater. It depicts how human and non-human life come together to revive their environment. It imagines a new home, a home built on humility, ingenuity and imagination. A home strong enough to weather the storm, to rise from the flood, to withstand the heat. This could be a warmer, wetter, more organic city where all species cohabit. Hope is at the heart of resurgence. “Shelter for Resurgence” is about working together to forge a new world from the smouldering remains of the old, to forge lasting ways of sharing and surviving. Refuge for Resurgence, View from the Window” offers a glimpse into a world where all species can reclaim their place.