Recobrar el patrimonio

Santiago Cirugeda

21 August 2013

Resignification Processes. Architectures

What does a community group have to do to earn the right to use an abandoned public building or public land that has fallen into disuse? In the case of private developers driven by economic interests the answer is a lot simpler.
The risk run by the work of social mediation is that it can take away the individual’s aptitude to make proposals and to get actively involved; that it can ultimately manipulate the natural and innate conditions of creativity and human freedom.
We ought to bear in mind that there are also other types of politics, in which different models of concentrated self-management coexist. When well articulated, these can lead to the construction and refurbishment of spaces without public funding and management.
It is encouraging to see collectives and groups of people of all ages organising themselves in networks. Recetas Urbanas and the Arquitecturas Colectiva network propose joint strategies using the weapons available to them, that is to say, legal, architectural and social mediation weapons.