Recetas Urbanas

Santiago Cirugeda

22 August 2007


For the last decade Santiago Cirugeda has been developing subversive projects in different areas of urban reality which help him to tolerate our complicated social life. His projects range from systematic occupations of public spaces with containers to prosthetics specially built for façades, courtyards, roofs and even vacant lots. And all this happening somewhere between the legality and illegality which reminds us of the huge control we are constantly under. For that purpose, he has generated protocols of action appearing in several mass-media, 
websites and publications. The author only warns us as follows: “All urban recipes are for public use, and any citizen wishing to, can use them for their strategic and legal development. A comprehensive study of the different locations and urban situations citizens wish to intervene in is strongly recommended. Any physical or intellectual risk as a result of using such recipes is the responsibility of the citizen.”