Primer diagnóstico taxonómico

Enrique Radigales

2 February 2014

Installation. Dimensions variable

Pericastó is the name of an area of approximately two hectares of dryland in the townland of Litera, in Huesca, which the artist Enrique Radigales has been indexing and digitalising over the last year.

The project Primer diagnóstico taxonómico is divided into two parts: firstly, a physical formalisation in the exhibition hall which examines the biological cycles of Pericastó throughout the span of one year, represented by 12 columns made of clay pixels, one for each month of the year and as many pixels as vegetal species (156 in total). In this way he visualises both their flowering as well as their fruiting, and we can also see the vegetative dormancy, the “non-production” or absence of growth in the area; and secondly, the project is given a web format with an application programmed in JavaScript which colonises the webpage of with the ruderal plants (weeds) classified in Pericastó.

Acknowledgments: Vértice Resources, Madrid and Centro Integrado de Formación Profesional La Laboral, Gijón


Produced by: LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial