Presentation Toc-Hadas

1 September 2023

Performance and presentation of the last volume of his trilogy of fanzines, developed during his stay as Laboratorio Ciudadano at LABoral.

Don’t think about an onion, but what are you doing? Just the opposite of what I asked you to do! Now, don’t think of Spain as the biggest consumer of benzodiazepines in the world (in 2021), even if it’s true, don’t think about it. Just relax and enjoy this proposal by Toc-Hadas: A tearful performance… that’s all.

19:30h – Presentation of the comic trilogy “Páxaros na Tiesta”.

(Spoiler) The ship DeLirios sails the muddy seas of a dystopian future dominated by the power of the “mosquito capitalist LowCost” and its air fleet. Doctor Gas, a psychiatrist by profession, is involved in maintaining the status quo by medicating left and right while our protagonists; an intellectual marijuana leaf, a nun who hangs up her habits because she feels more comfortable without clothes and an onion who ends up exchanging crying for singing will found the “Psyndicate Toc-Hadas”. Thus, both they (characters of the trilogy) and you (potential reader) and I (writer of this text) will unite – perhaps – to make us psychologically strong, supporting each other in the face of a world that doesn’t make it easy for us. (End of spoiler)

More information about all this on the Toc-Hadas blog.