Presentation of the documentary Asturias as a climate refuge

the screening and subsequent colloquium will take place at the gijón chamber of commerce

16 September 2024

Screening of the documentary Asturias as a climate refuge as part of the Scientific Film Series organised by Gijón con Ciencia in collaboration with the Spanish Association of Scientific Cinema and Image (ASECIC).

The documentary, directed by Pablo de Soto and Nadia Penella, explores how the idea of Asturias as a climate refuge has emerged in the public debate as a new tourism paradigm that expands the “natural paradise” paradigm. It also addresses how a region, compared to others, experiences more favourable and less extreme climatic conditions in the context of global climate change. Faced with this process, a group of experts and students from different backgrounds share their thoughts after an evocative journey through Asturias. An opportunity? A risk? Undoubtedly, a challenge that this documentary addresses from the convergence of different forms of knowledge.

The presentation of the documentary will be followed by a colloquium with the participation of the director Nadia Penella, Daniel Herrera, professor in the Department of Geography at the University of Oviedo and member of the scientific committee of the University Chair in Climate Change at the University of Oviedo (CuCC), and Elena Álvarez, Education Coordinator at LABoral Centro de Arte.

Gijón with Science is a scientific dissemination programme whose aim is to promote and foster scientific and technological culture. It encourages the development of spaces for exchange and communication to make scientific knowledge accessible to society.

The screening will take place at the Chamber of Commerce on 16 September at 19:00.