24th april – 4th may 2014

24 April 2014 – 04 May 2014

A film by Ramón Lluís Bande, for the song by Nacho Vegas included in his new work Resituación.

On Thursday, April 24, LABoral hosted the pre-premiere of Polvorado, one of the songs that is part of Nacho Vegas’ new work, Resituación. The film directed by Ramón Lluís Bande will be shown in the Chill-out area of El Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial until Sunday, May 4th. The official premiere took place on Friday, 25 April, in the digital edition of the newspaper El Mundo.

Polvorado is an audiovisual escrache. A film, shot at LABoral Centro de Arte, that, through the portrait of eight workers and a collection of photographs, takes a stance on the labour and social situation at a time when the class struggle is intensifying (some call it a crisis, others call it a swindle). A film of resistance that, taking up the cry: “Long live the struggle of the working class”, proposes a journey from the personal to the collective.

A vindication of the current need for the pamphlet that, betting on artistic rigour, makes Brecht’s verses its own:

“What times are these
in which to speak of flowers is almost a crime
because it implies keeping silent about so many crimes”.

Maxi García, worker at General Dynamics
Belén Estrada, Benito Sistemas worker
Jesús González, worker at Subcontratas Hunosa
Cristina Pontón, worker at Sedes
Israel García, worker at Coca Cola
Violeta Cabrero, worker at Lavandería Cabueñes
Samuel Fernández, worker at Monroe Amortiguadores
Llara Bande, 4th year Primary School student

Javier Bauluz
2,54 minutes