Plastic Gymnastic

Mads Lynnerup

5 October 2012

Installation and performance

As an artist who recently started exercising in earnest, Lynnerup became fascinated with how generic gym equipment looks and operates as objects in fitness centers. This everyday life observation was a natural hook for the artist’s ongoing investigation that attempts to break open the static nature of art objects displayed in galleries and museums. The installation Plastic Gymnastic is a result of his exploration of making objects that can be used to get a full workout while transforming an exhibition by having the viewer literally work out in the exhibition space.

Likewise, this work engages Lynnerup’s fascination with the similarities of seemingly disparate worlds. In this case he highlights the antithetical landscapes of contemporary art and that of fitness: ‘I think the two worlds have a lot in common: They are both obsessive and become fanatic in their own way (as in one thinks only about working out or making art etc.) and I like the idea that, as an artist in my studio, I am working out something.’ In this case this is quite true not only conceptually but physically.

Lynnerup’s work wryly engages and analyses built environments and the widely accepted social behaviour inherent in them in order to get at larger issues of alienation and perversity. Calling attention to the peculiarities of contemporary existence, Mads’ work looks to specific objects and the potential they have to both adhere to and subvert these peculiarities.

Attend any of the lessons that will take place during the exhibition:

5th October at 8 pm- Lesson together with the artist

6th October at 12:30 pm- Lesson together with the artist

17th October at 2 pm- Cross-MET

31st October at 2 pm- Zumba

14th november at 2 pm- Pilates

28th November at 2 pm- Fitness Condition

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