Par Pendular Pair

Rafael Martínez del Pozo

11 August 2012

Composition by Rafael Martínez del Pozo for the project El arte y su sonido.

Composition by Rafael Martínez del Pozo for the project El arte y su sonido, a LABoral project, coordinated by José Manuel Costa in collaboration with Juanjo Palacios, as part of the exhibition Visualizar el sonido, curated by Fiumfoto.

On the use of technique as plastic (or the relationship between materials, tools and processes):

For the sound shoot I used a pair of Earthworks M30 omnidirectional microphones in different configurations: AB, pseudobinaural, extremely separated pair (up to 12 metres) and “pendulum pair”.

The latter configuration consists of one microphone fixed and the other in pendulum motion. In order to cancel a frequency spectrum, which was emitted by one of the parts as a pedal note, the phase of one of the microphones has been reversed. In conjunction with the “pendulum pair” technique, gradual phase cancellation (sweep effect) is achieved.

During editing, only the volume and panning parameters were changed and a maximum of two audio takes were overlapped.

Spatial transition, attention, walk/walk:

Transitions, in space (changes in aurality) and in attention as a compositional strategy.

Try to remember what one’s own listening was like, which is very inaccurate, and try to use that memory as a compositional starting point.

Formalise the listening experience as a changing and inaccurate impression. In a situation with multiple perceptible sound sources, our body and our attention, both in motion, gradually modulate what we perceive as the aurality of the space we are inhabiting.

Ultimately, attention directs our listening by articulating sound impressions; composing.