Overflow. Mechanicity and Obsolescence in Art and Technology Today

Gabriela Méndez & Juan Pablo Anaya

14 April 2015

In the so-called “information societies” it seems that mechanical technologies have lost their central role in the social and cultural imagination, as if we had been dreaming, for a time now, about getting rid of those devices that turn natural energy into work in front of our eyes. Partly, real-time communication devices have set the world up as a space for remote and networked action. Thanks to them the flow of information has become more significant than the heavy movements of industrial equipment, which has lead to a simplistic association between the mechanical and the obsolete.  In other words, our perception of the novelty of digital has made us forget that the current information society is literally superimposed on an industrial society, that is based on the mechanical and that, in any case, incorporates or increases the inequities of global economy.  Under these circumstances art with new technologies its in an increasingly uncomfortable position in front of apologetic discourses of the technological development, which identify it directly with progress and they promote, instead of criticising it, celebration as the basic relationship with technology. In our view it is obvious that mechanical technologies, far from being simply obsolete, continue to develop and condition in several ways our relationship with the current world. Ultimately, what is interesting is how art can take a critical position towards global techno-enthusiasm based on mechanical and obsolete concepts. In this sense, the selection refers to an overflow of machines as a critical exercise carried out by art with “new” and “old” media, specifically in Mexico.

  • Programme 1. From 15 of April to 12 of July

Marcela ArmasI-Machinarius, 2008
Video HD, 2’57’’

Iván Puig. Mandalas para la vida moderna, 2006
Mini DV, 2’26”

Gilberto Esparza. El trabajo embellece, 2007
Mini DV, 2’22”

Enrique Ježik. S O S, 2002
Mini DV, 6’02”

Arcángel Constantini. Seminiscope, 2005
Mini DV, 0’53”

  • Programme 2. From 15 of July to 25 of October

Iván Abreu. M(r.p.m), 2008
Mini DV, 6’49”

Iván Puig. SEFT, 2006-2010
DV, 1’35”

Carolina Esparragoza. Memoria, 2005
DV, 0’55”

Mario de Vega. Black Market, 2007
DV, 1’40”

Ricardo Nicolayevsky. Tránsito, 2005
Mini DV, 2’54”

Tania Candiani. La constancia vestida, vestidos de un cuento, 2006
Mini DV, 3’58”