Oopart I

Román Torre

8 September 2013

2013. HD video. Format 16:9; 1920 x 1080. 60’

Lights play over the mountain: various LED panels that bring to mind commercial neon signs draw a colour sequence over a rocky and inaccessible landscape, thus verifying the existence of two times. On one hand, time programmed by man by means of software that changes the lights produced by moving pixels. And, on the other hand, sunlight, a nonhuman hardware that draws its presence and then its absence—the darkness that always returns.

In an abstract fashion, distributed over the mountain, the moving pixels conjure up objects that fit the definition of OOPArt (Out-of-place artifact): artifacts that speak to extra-terrestrial life, utensils that should not be there as they remit to another time and non-human technology, anachronisms that create a hybrid landscape somewhere between natural and artificial.

Concept and installation: Román Torre / romantorre.com
Video and editing: Román Torre
Photo: Elena del Llano
Curated by: Abrahán Hurtado / ADDK