On the wing

Tim White-Sobieski

6 March 2003

Tim White-Sobieski (USA, 1961). Video DVD. Ed. 7/10 + 4 A.P. 10’47’’

The Wing is an organic development and continuation of his philosophical and highly intellectual video projects. This work shows a life-size spectrum of balancing between the spirituality and sensuous, empiric exploration of being. Two dimensions are melted into a whistling flight on the wing: the realm of pure thought, non-material, infinite, immeasurable, and perfect; and the realm of the physical universe, material, finite, measurable, and with imperfections.
It is easy to take off – in his imagination – watching seamless ascending of the waves into the skies and/or fearless descent of the cosmic winds into the fierce waters held down by gravity. So it goes in Tim White’s work: howling winds dive into the depth of the “sea of life”; strenuous move of the water element accumulates perpetually growing desire to escape – and throws it to the shore.