Hugo Martínez-Tormo

24 February 2014

Hugo Martínez-Tormo (Spain, 1979). Immersive Generative Art audio-visual installation Materials: Wood, methacrylate, Mac mini, monitor 27”, headphones and spyhole. Variable Dimensions

An immersive Generative Art audio-visual installation that invites visitors to delve into the inner depths of matter — in this case, the nanomaterial graphene — to perceive the colour of the atoms that compose it and their analogue sound, providing us with a wealth of new sensations.
Graphene is a nanomaterial composed of pure carbon, with atoms arranged in a regular hexagonal pattern that forms a sheet which is only one atom thick, Hugo Martínez-Tormo in order to try to come up with a response to the following question: What do atoms smell of? The artist seeks to answer questions such as What would happen is we were the size of an atom? How would we see and perceive the world that surrounds us? What colour is matter at this scale?
nanoEsencia_Grafeno shows a representation of space and unseen matter and energy that makes up. The facility is comprised of a methacrylate urn in which there is a small fragment of graphene and, beside it, a volume of hexagonal let you see through a peephole, an abstraction continuously moving color light-emitting carbon atoms. Also a sound composition that takes us to the depth of the material and builds on the similar sound associated with the wavelength of the color of light emitted carbon is heard.