Mycelium Garden

Matthias Fritsch

30 October 2022


Installation formed by “Pleurotos Djamor”, 2020, 3min, Full HD; “Spores”, 1min, 2023, Full HD. Samples of edible & medicinal mushrooms: Chaga, Reishi, Pink Oyster Mushroom, Morrel. Samples of fungi paper and alternative fungi materials made by the artist. Reishi mushroom, living object

The Earth is a system. Animals, plants and also fungi not only react to climate, but create it as they process energy and matter. Fungi normally remain hidden underground and we only see their mycelium when we dig in the soil or collect their fruiting bodies during the seasons. While plants convert the sun’s energy into chemical energy stored in carbohydrates and other biomass, fungi have the ability to break down anything organic and feed on the energy stored in organic matter, as well as extract minerals from rocks. Mycorrhizae also form close links with plants, exchanging minerals and water for sugars. As decomposers, fungi form the basis for the next life cycle and nurture the new growth of the plants that created the Earth’s atmosphere. “Mycelium Garden” stages different strains of mycelium that feed on organic matter.