Mirando al paisaje

Marcos M. Merino

1 October 2013

Video, 3’36”

A projection with three sequences exploring the coexistence of urban, natural and industrial landscapes in the Cuencas or coalmining areas of Asturias. The images are taken from the filming of the documentary ReMine, el último movimiento obrero (December, 2013) and were shot with the intention of capturing the beauty of the mining landscape and the paradoxical coexistence of its extensive industrial heritage within an all-devouring nature that is slowly taking back what man once took from it. A metaphor that hammers away with the din of the turullu that sounded throughout the mining valleys to signal the change of shifts or a fatal accident. The images were filmed during the summer and autumn of 2012 in Langreo, Mieres, Lena, Aller, Degaña, Narcea, Riosa, Laviana and Turón.