Ursula Damm

19 May 2019

Interactive artificial intelligence (AI) video installation: computers, industrial cameras, custom-made console, speakers, sound interface, projectors

Membrane is an interactive work, created from a series of generative videos. The images, received in real time, change based on several variable parameters programmed by the artist. The work allows the viewer to interact directly through an interface with which he or she can create images by means of an artificial neural network. In doing so, it is possible to experience the imagination of AI, guiding its learning process.

The work shows us how the perception of the AI system is altered when we change certain spatial or temporal parameters. The result of this process is images reminiscent of cubist, impressionist, or abstract paintings.

What are the distortions of “reality” that attract us? What imagined scenarios are behind these “alterations”? What details does artificial intelligence reveal to us? What do we neglect? What new expressions and knowledge can AI bring to artistic creation?