Meditation practices II. Trying to be a better me

Nanna Hänninen

20 February 2009

Nanna Hänninen (Finland, 1966). HD DVD. Ed. 1/5 + 1 A.P. 8’36’’

Hänninen is interested on meditation as a private territory of mind and yet a universal practice which millions of people share.
This is a very inward work. Not a lot is happening. In the first video Meditation Practices I there are nine different sessions in chronological order happening during three months’ time. The artist was pregnant at that time. On the second film Meditation Practices II, she put two sessions together, overlapped.
The whole film is about smallest details happening on the face of the meditator. All the things that might go through her mind are in the mind of the spectator so he/she becomes very much a part of the session too.