Making territory by tying up ends

Irene Trapote

23 June 2022

Audiovisual I Collective action – textile installation

Making territory by tying up ends tries to approach the profession of the rowers in order to highlight the interdependence between the work of these women, fishing and the landscape and identity of a place. Through this project we learn about their work and their struggle throughout history and the current situation of a craft that is becoming precarious and abandoned in Asturias.

The project begins on the Costa da Morte with the audiovisual piece Redeiras (2022) about the redeiras of Corme, and continues with the rederas of the Asturian coast through an artistic residency at LABoral Centro de Arte. From these months of work comes the piece Solas (2023) in which Teté, Mª Luisa and Mariluz relate their experience as rederas in Asturias and the changes that the profession has undergone.

In this project, Irene Trapote investigates the links between this female occupation, historically relegated to the home, and manual work and sharing in the public space. This research also reveals the relationship between fishing activity and the landscape and what we understand as a rural environment.

This research is developed in the workshops Anudar la escucha, which took place between February and May 2023, resulting in the piece Anudar la escucha: Red. (2023), a collective net woven jointly by the participants using the same technique used by the fisherwomen. In this case, the material used is wick wool, a particularly fragile fibre, which breaks as easily as the craft of these women.