Machine Biography

Clara Boj & Diego Díaz

14 May 2020

365 books, various Deep Learning algorithms and projection

This project has generated a predictive biography of Clara Boj and Diego Díaz for the year 2050 based on all the artists’ digital activity (locations, digital conversations, photographs, videos, etc.) collected during 2017. That year, the artists hacked their mobile phones with spy software that captured all this information to create the work Data Biography, composed of 365 printed books (one for each day of the year, with a total of more than 48 million records) and a 24-hour cinematic story.

In this new project, Boj and Díaz use this data to train different deep neural networks (RNN, CNN and others) to create Machine Biography. It is a fictitious and predictive biography created by artificial intelligence, where the limits of what is true and what is false are blurred, and the predictive capacity of the algorithms and the veracity of the information itself are questioned as they aim to analyze the creative possibilities of artificial intelligence.

Awarded the 2019 BBVA Foundation Leonardo Scholarship for Cultural Researchers and Creators