Listening Space

Afroditi Psarra and Audrey Briot

Until 22 October 2022

Knit (170 x 220 cm), garment with wearable dipole antenna portátil (115 x 150 cm), miscellaneous electronics, HD Video with sound

“Listening Space” is an ongoing artistic research project that uses NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) weather satellite data as raw material for poetic exploration and citizen science. Using handmade portable antennas and software-defined radio, satellite signals are intercepted, decoded and then woven into textiles.The transmission ecologies that make up the Radio Spectrum are the ultimate expression of the so-called Anthropocene, as they enable the functioning of human life as we know it (telecommunications, environmental monitoring, radio astronomy, FM/AM radio, etc.) and shape our understanding of the planet. By investigating the energies that humanity has harvested to weave this complex layer, the project aims to create poetic connotations between textiles as a means of sensing, collecting and archiving, and bodies as agents of power to reinterpret current technologies through craft techniques. “Listening Space” attempts to enhance the human capacity to sense and embody the intercepted dialogues between the Earth and its satellites.