Last Opportunity

Rotor Studio

8 October 2022

Self-designed arcade machine with extreme weather events inside 90 cm x 80 cm x 70 cm

The Last Opportunity project was born with the intention of exploring alternative and popular ways of becoming aware of the problem of extreme climate and climate change in general. By means of a device halfway between scientific instrument

and arcade type video game machine, you look for the/the player/to “somatize” through the physical experience (playable), the very difficulty of performing human and everyday activities in extreme weather conditions. The machine, strongly inspired by laboratory “glove boxes”, which are used to handle dangerous objects by keeping them isolated from the operator, fires and activates various extreme weather events during the game. Flashes, smoke, rain, fog, wind or steam, happen physically between the screen itself and the vision, making it difficult in most cases, the possibility of completing the game. A guaranteed Game Over that comes to reinforce the idea that even with maximum effort, if we manage to normalize these climatic conditions, it will be difficult to cope with a similar situation as a species. Winning project of the production grant Planeta Debug 2020, awarded in collaboration with the Jaume I University of Castelló (UJI).