Las señales de las Cuencas


20 August 2013

Resignification Processes. Architectures / Prototype for a community action project. Customised traffic signage, photography, print on paper

Traffic signs warn against possible risks, present potential lines of action and even inform about available resources. They caution us about hazardous elements we can come across on the road and recommend acting in one way of another. They are meant both for locals, often over-confident due to their day-to-day acquaintance with their surrounding environs, as well as the outsider who is unaware of what the road holds in store.
Signs are always produced by public authorities who, making use of accepted protocols, apply landscape acupuncture in local areas. Would it be possible to expand and deepen this protocol, to singularise it and allow the various agents that inhabit a landscape to manage it? Or would it be possible to design, fabricate and geo-localise our own signs to show the world a subjective narrative?
This project is an initial prototype where the designs have been pre-defined by artists. The final intention is for these designs to be put at the disposal of various agents with the goal of testing their reactions. We are playing with the idea of a not-so-distant future, when 3D printing will be available at home or access to this technology straightforward, when it will be possible for each community to create signage for their own environment.

Photographs: Paula Andrés
Collaboration of: EMULSA, Empresa Municipal de Servicios de Medio Ambiente Urbano de Gijón