La Esencia de la Piedra

Albert Merino

25 February 2013

Albert Merino (Spain, 1979). HDV 1080p. Ed. 1/5. 7’53’’

La Esencia de la Piedra (The Essence of Stone) is conceived as an x-ray of a specific space—a space that has been broken down and rebuilt by projecting into it properties of the sense of smell that often go unnoticed by the beholder.
The images of an architectural space usually reflect a geometrical vision closely related to plans and its “ideal” concept. However, the space is also made up of a whole number of elements that were not contemplated in its ideal conception and that are only perceptible on an unconscious and non-visible level. These elements include presences that have passed through it at some stage; moments that are superimposed on top of each other through different layers of time, depositing sediments on the way. The consequence is that the space overflows and is flooded with strange elements that evoke qualities such as smell or absence.
La Esencia de la Piedra is an exploration of all those elements which, albeit imperceptible, are contained within a place.