La Cura: Everything

Kilowatt Bologna

11 April 2016

Generative video and cards

Generative video and cards “In September 2012, Italian tactical media artist Salvatore Iaconesi got the diagnosis. He had a glioma (glial cell brain cancer) of approximately 2 x 3 cm on the surface of his right hemisphere. Upon asking to see all the data relating to his condition, he found that all of the documents, MRI scans, and so on were in obscure not readily used formats. This meant that if one wanted to view the data, you needed specific or corporate software.” (Patrick Lichty, 2012).

La Cura is a global participatory performance to transform the meaning of the word “cure”: to bring it out of the separations of administrations and bureaucracies, back into society. A reflection on the biopolitics of data and interfaces, and of the ways in which a collaborative society can imagine confronting with complex problems. Cancer and data as a metaphor of the loss of meaning, and of the possibility to recreate and reappropriate it. Everything is a poetic narration of the performance, in which a video is algorithmically generated through the hundreds of thousands of contributions to the performance and a selection of the many messages received.

Acknowledgements: Kilowatt Bologna.

Collaborators: all the participants in La Cura, all

over the world.