Kissing Data


25 May 2018

Interactive performance video and spatial data installation

Kissing Data explores a shared neurofeedback system during a kiss. The video shows previous actions and artistic installations, in which participants were invited to share their affection in public, while connected to a Multi-Brain Digital Interface (BCI).

During the live action, some visitors participate as protagonists using the EEG helmets that measure their brain waves while they kiss each other. Simultaneously, the brain waves of some of the spectators are also collected, reflecting their reaction to the intimate kisses of the protagonists.

The display of all these records is projected on the floor. Both the couple’s and the viewers’ data intimately co-create an immersive visual environment, which is also translated into sound by an algorithm, creating the Kissing Data symphony.

Data soundscapes are saved and can be downloaded. If health protocols allow, a selection of data displays, such as “Portraits of a Shared Kiss”, can also be printed out.