Je n’ai fait que t’attendre

Boris du Boullay

23 March 2013

Video 8’45”

“One day I changed to digital films. Since then I don’t film, but I edit films. Without filming I cannot edit and If I don’t edit films, I grow old”

A film lover, Boris du Boullay (France, 1969) works and writes about filmmaking, in addition to being author of several multimedia performances and creations. His work revolves around everyday intimate occurrences, playing as well with the absurd aspect of reality, speed and improvising or accumulation. All of it from a phenomenological perspective: The idea of filmmaking as a tool to restore the passing of time.

Du Boullay is an author, but he is also a producer at the association Filmcare, and he also writes for several theater companies.

Together with pop music, a variety of audiovisual registers make up Je n’ai fait que t’attendre, providing testimony of the heterogeneity of contemporary video documentary practice, which is equally narrative and experimental, also turning the first person singular into a character.