Instrumento móvil de aire & cuerda

María Edwards

21 March 2015


A project created during a residency from the European Digital Art and Science Network and Ars Electronica.

The residency began with a trip to the La Silla, Alma and Paranal observatories belonging to ESO (European Southern Observatory) in the Atacama desert in Chile, and concluded with a production residency in Linz, Austria.

This artistic journey inspired in “encounters”, observation and experience has given rise to the work: a mobile instrument of air and sting, composed for a piano, like a sound box and 11 swings, with the extension and projection of the keys. The keys of this instrument will be sent to 11 different locations, connecting these distances randomly on a map, like a scale constellation. The motion of each swing makes the piano emit a note, completing a composition of 11 notes played at a distance and heard in the same place, the Ars Electronica museum in Linz, where the piano will remain until the 11 swings are installed.