Infinite Jest


15 August 2012

Installation and performance

Infinite Jest lives both as an installation and as a live handmade film inspired by the complex and remarkable novel of the same name by the late author David Foster Wallace. When the piece lives as an installation, the audience experiences the space as an environment comprised of projected videos, a text based soundtrack, a gaming console and mini tennis court intended for the audience to walk through and play with. During the performance, the film is brought to life through the lens of live cameras that follow the manipulation of photographs, drawings, scale models and various three dimensional objects by visual artist and performer SUE-C, along with the live lush electronic soundtrack and vocals by AGF. Set in a slightly futuristic world the film is an attempt to create and re-create what character James Orin Incandenza, optics expert and filmmaker considered to be his life’s major works. After many unseen failures, his ‘film’, an entertainment, is eventually released, which proves to be fatally seductive.

With this as a jumping off point, long time audio-visual collaborators SUE-C and AGF explore the expression of seduction in sound and image.

In collaboration with: Kevin Slage