Image World

Juan Falcón

12 June 2021

Video installation

What will be the future of the individual imagination in what is often called the image civilisation? Will the power to evoke images in absence continue to develop in a humanity increasingly inundated by the deluge of prefabricated images? […] If I have included visibility in my list of values to be saved, it is as a warning against the danger of losing a fundamental human quality: the ability to focus on visual images with one’s eyes closed […].

Six proposals for the next millennium,

Italo Calvino

The complex relationship between the nature of images and the evolution of their meanings in today’s culture is a good start to approach IMAGE-WORLD. Flooded by them, overflowed by them, images cross our ever-open eyes. Without rest.

In his book 24/7 Jonathan Crary analyses the continuous order of a global socio-economic structure where rhythms based on cycles of activity and pause, of action and rest, have been replaced by a continuous flow of activity.

Lights, sounds and images are diluted and entangled. They run through everything, altering its morphology and syntax, transforming its language. Images, their role and the transformations of society are concerns that have always been present in the analysis of creators. Juan Falcón is no exception. In his research he has shown an inexhaustible interest in exploring the changing layers of these stimuli, the genesis of images, their narrative scope and the knotty weave of different symbols that inhabit our cultural imaginary.

MUNDO-IMAGEN is a video installation that invites us to reflect on the complexity of the dematerialisation of contemporary artistic experience, presenting a journey that helps us to articulate ideas about knowledge, thought, memory and human power.