Nick Ervinck

Until 25 March 2010


During a stroll in the garden of Yuyuan, situated on the shores of the Huangpu river in Shanghai, Nick Ervinck got fascinated by the whimsical structures of the rocks. The forms reminded him of the sculptures of Henry Moore. Inspired by both Eastern and Western tradition, he decided to create a contemporary rock sculpture. Using the newest techniques of 3D printing, he could make visible these forms in the physical world. While Michelangelo chopped of and carved out, Ervinck follows a reversed digital designing process: the virtual form isn’t set free from the physical matter, but is a productive and generative principle. It is needless to say that these developments hold great significance for the art of sculpting, drawing and painting. Instead of being restricted to the two dimensional surface, the artist now can work in different dimensions in order to create what hardly can be thought of. IKRAUSIM exists as a 2D print in a light box, a 3D print, a digital animation and as stills from that animation. Each medium gives a new perspective on this seemingly infinite form.