Ici, là-bas et Lisboa

Joâo Vieira Torres

25 September 2012

Video, 18′

Topography of the other body. Writing at a micro scale through a darkness in which we negotiate with our sight thanks to a halo that casts light on what seems to be the inside of a print.

There are cities that vanish all of a sudden. Their houses are no longer homes, but ruins no one can ever return to. At the end of the day, the only home we know is our own language. Everything else is scars covering an abyss inside our memory.

Just like in Moholy-Nagy’s x-rays, here we see the positive of reality, of the real. Darkness is inhabited by monsters, by different, abnormal, deformed beings which are not good even to talk about. They are like the other language, one we are unable to utter, one that makes us feel foreign, different.