Horos kyklos = limit of the wheel

Celia Viada Caso

6 May 2020

The meaning of the word “horizon” may seem universal, yet it is intrinsically linked to a particular conception of space and time. For centuries, much of the world has been dominated by Western cultural hegemony, where power is often exercised through the imposition of forms of representation and meaning.

Horos kyklos = limit of the wheel is an audiovisual installation consisting of a video art piece, photographs and text. It is based on the reflections opened by the artist Hito Steyerl in the article “In free fall, an experiment on vertical perspective” (2011). Steyerl links the evolution of the dominant representation of perspective to different historical moments and argues that we live in a context of free fall.
This installation aims to question the meaning of “horizon” as a concept completely linked to a capitalist, colonial, patriarchal, patriarchal, racist and violent system.
Where is the horizon in this new 21st century that began with the fall of the twin towers and is now deeply marked by the context of global pandemic?