High Grade Fires

Sara García

24 June 2022


High Degree Fires is a project that highlights the vaule of commensalism with other living begins. It is a proposal on care for the Other that revisits hospitality and cooperation to rethink the relationships between humans begins, non-humans and the earth we inhabit.

Formally, it consists of several processes related to the territory. At first, it began with the production of clays and plants for the production of pots and glazes. On the other hand, there is the collection of edible flora, vegetables and other local foods that are later fermented with bacteria, yeasts and fungi. The result is shared in an encounter that allows access to the knowledge of a place through experience, rather than reason. The body’s memory discovers the territory through the senses.

High Degree Fires is the project that Sara García was working on at LABoral’s studios from May to August 2022. The research was funded within the framework of Transversal Aesthetics – Immunity Idensitat Community and Huarte Center that is part of part of the European project Who Cares? and by the NUDO/KNOT 2021 call of the Cerezales Antonino y Cinia Foundation and the Diputación de León.

Sara García will carry out activations of the installation on June 24 and October 21.