Henri Plaat

Jérôme Schlomoff

28 March 2010

Pinhole camera image transferred to HD. 6’45’’

Since 1984 Jérôme Schlomoff (France, 1961) has worked around portrait as a genre, focusing on the images by several contemporary artists. Since 1996 he carries out works around architecture where he explores the links between this discipline and the image. In 2000 he built his first 35 mm camera, with which he started to work taking the city as model. Formally his work invites to a dialogue between different ways of doing and supports, halfway between filmmaking, photography and artistic practice.

Henri Plaat proposes a film portrait of this Dutch artist during the print on silver process of his film picture. At the same time that his image is created from absence, in a dark room, his hands are opening the paper support.