Hauptpunkt (Esencia)

Amparo Sard

2 March 2013

Amparo Sard (Spain, 1973). DVD HD. Ed.1/9 + A.P. 4’54’’

Nowadays we go through life as if we were travelling on a train with no stops, no stations, where everything flows at a pace that we ourselves have fixed and where what really matters is taking a quick decision; and when that decision is proven wrong, to be able to mend it with similar haste. We have wiped out all meditation. Emails, WhatsApp, Skype… whatever is the fastest and most useful for any given situation.
hauptpunkt is a contemplative experience where the emphasis is lent to landscape, just as the romantics once did.
The contemplation and enjoyment of nature, beauty and the unknown is a source of a pleasure that consists in the recognition of the “perfect” (and, naturally, subjective) balance between ideal and reality.