Guerrilla Spatialization Unit

Sukandar Kartadinata & Liz Allbee (Ganzfeld)

5 April 2016

Installation and documentary video on the performance on space

Ganzfeld represents the Kartadinata and Allbee’s long-standing interest and involvement with audio spatialisation. The project aims to challenge the concept of space within musical performance in general. The duo uses home-made, diy, and relatively simple speaker technologies which are designed to be applied quickly and temporarily onto the architecture of their chosen locations. These locations can include artistic infrastructures as well as the unintended space: trash room, park, living room, etc.

A second element to the concept of Ganzfeld is the deconstruction/re-construction of their musical instruments. They have reconfigured the trumpet and bass guitar to follow the logic and functionality of their spatial system. For example, the trumpet’s natural air-flow is easily exploited to become quadraphonic with a few physical hacks. Likewise the bass guitar has been adapted to a 5-channel logic, by assigning each of the strings their own speaker in the room.

Ganzfeld’s experiment has two aims: to include the space itself as the third member of their group – an active agent in the process of instant composition, a sounding presence and to include the audience/public itself as participant observers, able to move and locate themselves in the space in relation to the sound.

In this way, the duo hopes to transform the space and possibly those within it.