Charles Sandison

17 February 2006

Single-channel videoproyection. Loop Ed. 4/5 + 1 PA

Concluded in 2003, it took thirteen years for the Human Genome project to identify the approximately 20,000-25,000 genes in the human DNA. The first line of the sequence begins with GATCAATGAGGTG and continues over 22 volumes.
In this work, a programme uses this sequence to produce “composed” faces similar to those of newly-born babies. However, other images are often formed while the computer continues its analysis. Just as a binary chain of 1s and 0s is the basis for all digital images, the DNA sequence uses A, C, T and G, to form the “pixels” of the emerging faces. But the face cannot maintain its structure for long and collapses at its centre before then starting again in an on-going and unrepeated cycle of explosions and implosions.