Fata Morgana

Jeanne Lafon

20 September 2012

Video, 17′

The fairy Morgana, King Arthur’s sister, was capable of adopting different shapes. Today, physics has adopted her name to describe an optical effect produced by a temperature inversion which, near the sea, is capable of deforming islands, capes and ships, lengthening them until they take on the appearance of a fairytale castle.

Jeanne Lafon transports us to a space and a time on the fringes of history, a world where the real thing is the migration from one space to another, with the waves and the water as a background sound. Long shots place us in front of the horizon and the sky, where the sun seems to play at hiding. There is a certain attempt to map nature, the territory, the cycles and the lines of force that pull the threads of the earth’s time. The sound of water and wind stirring the undergrowth becomes the crackling of branches consumed by fire.