Beatriz Coto & Santiago Lara (LARAMASCOTO)

26 May 2020

Interactive installation (Blender, Unreal Engine)

Consciousness is not only a biological phenomenon. Consciousness is a hybrid that links neural circuits with socio-cultural networks. It is a confluence of apparently electrochemical signals from the brain with cultural symbols in the social environment. This congregation is particularly important at times when humans realize, not without distress, that to survive or overcome difficulties they cannot rely blindly on their biological resources; they must turn to extra-somatic support of a cultural nature. (Roger Bartra)

Exocerebro brings us closer to these hybridization processes in a poetic way. The liquid content of the interior of a rock formation is projected outwards. The interaction with this moving image causes a reaction in the rocky matter that changes its basic structure.

Exocerebro is therefore a metaphor for the functioning of the mind, and more specifically, consciousness, which does not yet seem to have a scientific explanation. The only thing that can bring us closer to it is to consider that consciousness extends outside the brain in the form of cultural prostheses (writing, art, music, and all kinds of symbolic structures). The “exocerebro” (exo-brain) would be the artificial part of consciousness capable even of modulating and modifying neuronal functions.

With the collaboration of José Novas y Rotor Studio

Produced by: LABoral