Exhibition LABoral Impulsa

21 August 2019 – 31 August 2019

Showcase of the proposals in residence of this program of incentive to the cultural industries, the art and the TICs.

LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial and Gijón Impulsa, present an exhibition with the projects selected in the I and II call for residences LABoral IMPULSA, launched by both institutions, for companies and professionals from the cultural and creative sector.

The exhibition includes eight projects that touch on disciplines as different as ceramics, audiovisuals, architecture, music or engraving, and the professionals behind each of them. They all have in common their commitment to using innovative approaches and processes that distinguish their companies, which are at different stages of development.

In February 2018, Impulsa and LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial started the LABoral IMPULSA residences with which they provide facilities and working infrastructures, accompaniment, guidance and support in the search for partners, subsidies and aid, as well as relevant connections in the local, national and international network of contacts and collaborations of LABoral Centro de Arte. A space in which to find inspiration and generate links and synergies that can lead to collaborative work. This programme aims to reinforce Impulsa’s activity and services to these groups by integrating them into the installations and activities of another agent of the Milla del Conocimiento, LABoral Centro de Arte.

The design of this exhibition, created by Juan Jareño, includes self-supporting structures that will be located in the lobby of the Art Centre, has been created by Juan Jareño, and allows us to get to know first-hand the work carried out in the residences.

Participants: Eduardo and Raúl Acosta, Pablo Alonso and Ana Peral, Barenta Report (Javier Herrera and Lola Cancio), Bioarquitectura (Eve Blanco), Román Atelier (Guillermo Román), Diego Torres, Damián Vega, Visioniq Studio (Adrián Cuervo).

Exhibition images